Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Teen Test Day

YPC gathered in the huge hall of the South Shore Cultural Center for the annual teen test day presented by walgreens. Teen test day is basically a huge convention type thing were various social groups set up tables with a plethora of valid information such as how to prevent STD'S, the proper way to use a condom, and information about LGBTQ outreach programs. YPC had the only table that was indeed LGBGT related. There was alot of fun things to do such as enter raffles, play games, sing, and get wonderful Mary Kay facials. There were also oppurtunities for people to get tested, and getting tested was the only way to get alot of people got tested. "Think Fast" was a trivia type game and of course, YPC won. How suprising, since YPC tends to come out on top.

Also, Lauren entered a raffle and won a ipod mini, so YPC rained supreme throughout the whole day. The concert was great, with performances by Ben 1 and The Pope. Being the artsy individuals which we are, we had to give the crowd a sample of our great talent. Dance troup "Geek Squad" and "3D" gave wonderful show-stopping performances, and made it known that YPC was indeed in the building.
So all in all, it was a great day. Not just for YPC, but for everyone who came out to support such a positive event.

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