Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Key Lime Cove

YPC took a nice little trip to key lime cove over the weekend, and I personally must say it was a great experience. Key Lime cove is a indoor waterpark, with a spa and indoor waterpark Everyone who went seemed excited about getting away from the horrible weather of the city, which could be draining. Me and Tony rode with Frankie, so we got there significantly earlier than everyone else. The ride wasn't that long. We arrived to a huge building with people all outside. I didn't know what to expect, and I was excited to actually go inside.
We walked in, and the one thing we both noticed was how bright and vibrant the atmosphere was. We just wanted to get to our room. The rooms were very, very nice and cozy. We got to our rooms, jumped on our beds, and relaxed until everyone else arrived. They finally did. Once everyone was here, that's when the fun really started. I believe photo's would be more appropriate to display, rather than me rambling.

Here are some member's reactions to Key Lime Cove:

Dejon: "It was fun for the little time I was there, i loved the waterpark and the rooms setting were so appropriate and i was just really fun"

Alex: "I loved it"

Anshae: It was fun. The waterpark, being with my ypc family, and the escape from the cold of the winter. I had a blast!!!!

Tierra: for the amount of time that I was there it was a blast, we had a lot of fun. I would defenitely go again:)

Lawrence: When is the next trip because i had a marvelous time darling....

Sirez: I had a wonderful time at key lime cove n I would love to go again

Lauren: I had a blast getting to know other YPC members and just being with friends it was so relaxing.

Tony: i had a blast- since we've been back everday has been about YPC- cuz i luv yall :-)

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