A community member recently donated $100,000 to the Youth Pride Center ( YPC ) after reading a Windy City Times article about an event thrown by youth in early October.

The donation, which was not anonymous, but the name of the individual will be revealed later, is for “specific purposes,” said YPC founder Frank Walker. Walker added that there are many legal restrictions on what the money can and can't be used for. For example, the donation can't be used for personnel or political activities.

According to Walker, the donor said that when he was growing up, he did not have access to anything like YPC, and there weren't any mainstream organizations ( non-clinical ) run by people of color and specifically for youth of color.

Walker said that the money will go toward education incentives, cultural programming and possibly innovative health programming geared toward youth even outside of the center.

Because of the donation, Walker also expects that the youth center will be able to double the number of youth taken on several road trips to LGBT youth centers across the United States.